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Visual Schedule for Classroom

Visual Schedule for Classroom

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VISUAL SCHEDULE CARDS contains 3' x 3' pictures of school-day activities, including those of elementary and high schools. Identifying words are printed on the front and back and 66 Velcro dots are also included.Sample activities for use with the Visual Schedule for the Classroom. The cards can be used to: remind students of their daily activities in the classroom inform parents and caregivers of the student's activities for the day make transitions easier, showing the classroom a picture of where they are going ask questions that can be answered by showing an appropriate picture, e.g. 'How do you get to school?' (Answer Bus) teach vocabulary words, to read, write, or to copy, trace or spell.These interactive books for children utilize the power of visual strategies so beginning readers can learn to associate pictures with words. Students move and attach picture cards with hook and loop fasteners to match, identify, label, sequence and create sentences while learning to read! These kids interactive books are fun and rewarding for children with and without special needs.


Author(s) Joan Green
Publication date 2003
Language English (US)

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