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See and Learn Saying More Words Kit

See and Learn Saying More Words Kit

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See and Learn Saying More Words is designed to help children with Down syndrome to develop clear speech. It may also be helpful for other children with similar speech difficulties.

See and Learn Saying More Words supports simple activities that encourage the imitation and repetition of one- and two-syllable words. It includes seven sets of words, each starting with a particular speech sound (c/k, ch, f, g, r, t and v). The target words represent a range of vowel-consonant combinations and are selected from vocabulary suitable for younger children. 

See and Learn Saying More Words can help parents, teachers and therapists support regular speech practice. Research suggests that practice and repetition are necessary to develop clearer speech.

See and Learn Saying More Words is the fourth step in See and Learn Speech.


See and Learn Saying More Words features three activities:

  • Learning to Say Words - using picture prompt cards and speechreading cues to encourage first attempts at saying words
  • Practising Saying Words - using sets of picture prompt cards in games to encourage more complete word production
  • Rehearsing Saying Words - multiple repetitions of specific words to improve the clarity and consistency of word production


Children can start the activities in See and Learn Saying More Words when they:

  • can produce at least some of the consonants c/k, ch, f, g, r, t and v - for example, g, and t
  • can produce simple combinations of these consonants and a vowel - for example, tea and key

We recommend that young children practice these activities as soon as they meet these criteria. However, the activities are also suitable for older children who need additional practice to improve their speech clarity.


  • UK English


The See and Learn Saying More Words kit includes:

  • A full colour guide, including step-by-step instructions
  • A records booklet for recording progress
  • 63 laminated colour word prompt cards
  • 5 laminated colour repetition counting cards

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    For further information, please visit the See and Learn web site.

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