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Memory Development for Individuals with Down Syndrome - PDF Ebook

Memory Development for Individuals with Down Syndrome - PDF Ebook

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This ebook examines what is understood about memory development for children and teenagers with Down syndrome and its importance in relation to the development of other cognitive skills. It also discusses strategies and techniques that can assist with memory development in the classroom and at home.

The book provides a review of research into the memory development of children and teenagers with Down syndrome. It focuses primarily on working memory, the short-term memory system that supports perception, thinking and learning as well as the performance of daily tasks. Working memory development is usually significantly delayed for children with Down syndrome and this affects all their daily learning opportunities and interactions.

The book explains the significance of the reciprocal relationships between working memory, speech and language and reading development based on research with typically developing children and the implications of this for effective interventions. It includes guidance and activities designed to help individuals with Down syndrome to improve their memories and to compensate for memory limitations, which can be applied at home and in the classroom.

This practical book is intended to be used by parents and education professionals. It is designed to be read in conjunction with other books in the Down Syndrome Issues and Information series that cover many aspects of development for people with Down syndrome, including speech and language, reading and writing, number skills and social skills.

Down Syndrome Issues and Information is a series of practical and informative books covering the full range of developmental, health and social issues relating to individuals with Down syndrome. The books have been written by some of the world's leading experts and are based on years of research and hands-on experience.

PDF Ebook Edition | This ebook is a read-only Adobe Acrobat PDF file that can be viewed and printed using the freely downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 7 or higher). It may also be read on many tablet and smartphone devices that support PDF files. You may copy the ebook to multiple devices, or print copies, for personal use. You may not give or sell the ebook or printed copies to anyone else. Read more about purchasing ebooks...

The content of this ebook edition is the same as in the original print edition first published in 2001.

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